Celebrating Others

Relationships are at the heart of who we are at 8020 Builders

We all make mistakes. It is ultimately how we respond to mistakes that gives people insight into our intentions as well as our competence and warmth. When we are making assessments of those we work with its important to look at the picture with as little bias as possible.

As humans we are highly sensitive to the underlying purpose and intentions of others.  

When mistakes are made how do our subcontractors respond? Do they have worthy intentions? Are they using mistakes as opportunities to strengthen the relationship? Do they place the project's well-being above their own well-being at critical moments?

The second thing we want to highlight in terms of scoring our craftsman partnerships is that we have a responsibility to give loyalty to get loyalty. Are we responding to situations with our own worthy intentions? So take a moment and assess yourself. How might you have come across when working through issues.

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