Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi McIntyre has 39+ years of executive-level leadership and managing multiple, high priority tasks simultaneously.  Working in a time-sensitive industry, Ms. McIntyre led teams of Engineers, Electricians, Information Technology, and Developmental/Operational Testing professionals.  Ms. McIntyre began her US Navy career as one of the first 10 women selected to be assigned to a US Navy ship after the law was changed in 1977.  Fourteen months and many at-sea hours later, CAPT McIntyre was the first female to qualify as a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy.  During her career, she performed duties as Navigator and Operations Officer, Electrical Officer, and Fire Control Repair Officer, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer.  Additionally, she traveled the world training Combatant Commander’s staff officers in strategic decision making, led 2 joint tests projects testing solutions to issues in the military, and was the Chief of Plans for the humanitarian airlift operation into Sarajevo.

Ms. McIntyre joined Marine Corps Systems Command as a government civilian in 2010, working on the Marine Corps Chief Engineer’s staff.  She was assigned as a branch chief for Architecture development and testing, and the Operations Manager for the Division.  She is currently assigned as the Marine Corps Chief Systems Architect, as well as the Project Lead for the development of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network architecture.

Ms. McIntyre has a passion for training and mentoring people.  She is a certified as Life Coach/Mentor, Equine Facilitated Learning instructor, and a licensed trainer and consultant for Dynamic Emotional Integration.  She is married to William “Cleve” Benton and has 3 step-children, 5 step-grandchildren, 5 horses, and 2 dogs.

Marion Langford

Marion is an experienced leadership coach, facilitator and organizational development specialist with over 30 years experience. She is the founder of Creative People Solutions, a coaching and consultancy company providing services in the how-to of transformational conversations and workplace relationships since 2003.

Marion’s niche is working with leaders committed to lead innovative and sustainable organizations that are founded on values of respect, integrity and empowerment. Her areas of expertise are:  leadership development, team collaboration and dynamics, performance conversations, and the cultivation of healthy emotional and empathic skills at work. 

Marion has 18 years experience as a senior manager, leading teams that varied in size from 10 to 30 direct reports, and budgets from $1.0 million to $40 million.  During her employment career, she led services focused on improving employment prospects for high school drop outs, services for improving literacy skills (at work), and facilitated programs to improve diversity and equity in the workplace.   She has also won awards for her innovative work as an organizational change leader, and was the senior manager responsible for the formulation of human resource strategies and policies for a 63,000 person organization, working successfully with both unionized and nonunionized staff.

Marion has a Master’s in Education (adult learning) and holds certificates in coaching (career, life, mind-body), Narrative Therapy (University of Toronto), Personality Dimensions and Emotional Intelligence, as well as being a licensed Trainer and Consultant in Dynamic Emotional Integration.