laura Spitzmiller

Assistant Project Manager

What do you dig about building?

The impact. Buildings impact individuals, groups, cities, economies and can define entire communities. Great buildings can foster collaboration, relaxation, productivity and community. Real estate at its core is understanding people; what drives them and makes them thrive. Figuring out how to build the best possible space comes from understanding the needs and wants of the people who will use it. Doing my job successfully means I've made Denver a better place.

What are a few of your past projects?

  • The Dead Battery Club Tenant Improvement Build-out
  • Units Moving & Storage
  • Reinforced Earth

What do you consider your specialty?

With over seven years in the commercial real estate industry, I love looking at a building from the different perspectives of the deal cycle. From the owner/developer to the lender and end-user, I have the experience to anticipate and understand the varied participants' needs and to cater to them within the construction phase.

Legos, Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs?

Lincoln Logs. How else would you play war with toy soldiers?