Joe Whitmore

Senior Superintendent

What do you dig about building?

I really enjoy the different phases of construction-from the structure to the rough-ins to the finishes to handing the keys of the project to an elated owner. The feeling of being proud of the work all along the way of the journey of the job, and building great and lasting relationships along the way.

What are a few of your past projects?

  • Rangeview Five: A four story 120 thousand square-foot class A office building with many detailed fixtures and finishes.

  • Brandts Place: A five-story nonprofit recovery center. This building had 18 family units, full kitchen amenities, and many other conveniences that helped families feel comfortable as their children were recovering from several types of cancer. I was very proud of doing this for and with an owner who is doing great things for children and their families.

What do you consider your specialty?

I enjoy working with and building relationships with owners, subcontractors and all the different people I meet between ground break and completion. My leadership style is mostly inquisitive, curious, and when necessary firm and structured.

Legos, Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs?

Lincoln logs of course, but as a kid I really enjoyed the old steel erector sets