Your Voice

Our marketing team sends out a quarterly newsletter to our business contacts list.

Your insights, information, and intelligence is an important part of the company's voice and we highlight that our team members are empowered to use their voice not only to stand up to injustices or problems we face on the job site but that you have a voice at the table in how projects are put together and executed. We are proud of you and the work you do with us here and want to shout it from the rooftops! Your ideas are creative, your organization is exceptional and you are the face out there in the field and with clients.

Our newsletter goes out the first Wednesday of each quarter. Don't let a missed deadline stop you! Go ahead and capture an idea when it happens for you. These ideas will be stored for future use as well.

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Each category in the newsletter is listed below. Feel free to write away! And don't worry about making sure your writing is perfect. That's not the goal. We appreciate the support in collecting information that you think would be valuable in our marketing efforts.

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Speaking to owners, investors, and developers. We believe the needs of our clients are varied, but we focus on speed, capacity and execution. Here is where we want to highlight our focus on leadership, pride to build trust and grow relationships. We are always looking for ways to share not only our competence, but our warm and friendly attitudes!
Highlighting our partnerships (pre-construction relationships and subcontractor relationships).
A place to highlight our wins as individuals and as a team. Feel free to talk about how you solved an issue before it became a problem.
A focus on the microeconomic environment. What trends are you seeing in the industry? In the Denver market? In job safety?
Free form. Let your mind wander. Share ideas with us.