I continue to be rewarded by the relationships that grow over the course of building projects with many different personalities. 

Caleb German


Setting up conditions for work to flow smoothly on projects is a continual challenge that requires me to be alert and focused. It challenges me to grow and learn how to work with new perspectives while also knowing how to make a decision at the time for the job to progress safely and efficiently. 

Being able to learn and improve from the insight of seasoned craftsmen improves my knowledge base and makes me a stronger leader moving forward.  

Outside of work I'm a new dad and I'm more than happy to just be spending time with my fiancé and Inga.


Opus Group • 2007 to 2011, 2014 to 2016

field quality control and assurance

I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks during my tenure with Opus. It ranged from rough carpentry and labor to engaging with clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Notable Projects

  1. Pinnacle at City Park
  2. 1400 Wewatta
  3. Charter Communications
  4. Gander Mountain; Parker, Colorado
I was responsible for interfacing with owners and maintaining a level of professionalism while delivering a finished product that would be well received.

Hot Shots Hauling and Oil Field Services • 2011 to 2014

driver and field support

Safety of the load is critical in this environment. My responsibilities were placement and securing loads, driving defensively and safely to and from destinations, and maintaining positive relationships with the clients. In the field I was maintaining wells, installing combustors, separators, gas lines, oil lines, oil tanks, pumps, clean up, environmental remediation and ensuring environmental standards.

Adhering to safety and environmental standards was critical to being successful in the field.

The Neenan Company

Customer Service "the a team"

I was lucky enough to work on a variety of different projects during my time with Neenan.

Attention to detail and maintaining professionalism to ensure the delivery of a quality product was something we focused strongly on at The Neenan Company. I spent summer breaks and time off school working in the field as a laborer growing up. When I graduated high school I was hired full time and began work as a carpenter in the field and eventually was hired into a small group who performed many different tasks in the field. 

This is where I learned that I enjoyed the customer satisfaction aspect of the industry and I was able to develop a foundation of skills that help me in the field today.

Personal Interests

The most important thing to me is being able to spend time with my family. Family time includes cooking, going for scenic drives, cuddling up on the couch while watching movies/tv shows, and watching my little girl's toothless smile from ear to ear. When I have "free time" I enjoy going to car shows, gaming, and target practice. I like to challenge myself with complex processes that grow my dexterity and patience. A good example of this is putting together Metal Earth sculptures, and building personal computers as they require attention to detail and a steady hand.