Brendan Adams

Vice President Operations

What do you dig about building?

In addition to building relationships and friendships with internal and external team members, I really enjoy the process building a dynamic, highly-functional team capable of tackling the unique challenges that each project presents.

What are a few of your past projects?

My life in the construction industry began in Seattle, Washington in the summer of 1995 as a laborer and carpenter’s apprentice on a tilt-up concrete strip mall project. Since then, during the last 20 years I have participated in nearly 70 projects totaling over 880 million dollars in value. Additionally, the breadth of projects I have completed spans everything from wood frame to high-rise and restaurants to laboratories. I’ve completed these projects through multiple delivery methods including design-build, integrated project delivery, hard-bid, and cost plus arrangements for many different client types ranging from private sector to non-profit to Corps of Engineers and major state University systems.  I leveraged my Project Management skills over the years to gain experience as a General Contractor, Developer, Design Consultant, and Owner. This experience provides me with unique insight into the entire construction process that I use to improve our organization and streamline the process of delivering our next project. Some examples of projects that I’ve participated in are as follows:

  • Sun Healthcare World Headquarters Building
  • University of New Mexico Bratton Hall Law School
  • University of New Mexico Ambulatory Surgery and Imaging Center
  • Dion’s Pizza Restaurants – 14 locations
  • University of Colorado Bio-Technology Building
  • University of Denver Academic Commons Remodel
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado East Tower
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado South Campus

What do you consider your specialty?

I am a dedicated and tireless communicator of strategic initiatives with particular interest in translating that strategy into accomplishable objectives to empower our team to create positive results. I enjoy challenges as well as engaging highly functional teams to tackle those challenges. All work has a purpose and each person involved should know that purpose in order to produce the desired results. I strive to make this possible.

Legos, Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs?