Technology and Early Coordination

“Early and often” – the old adage that my college professors, industry mentors, and now I repeat every time anyone on my team asks a question that contains a timing or frequency element:

  • When should I share my budget?
  • When should I update the schedule?
  • When should I communicate changes?
  • When should I buyout these contracts?
  • How should I interact with the project team?
  • When should I update my forecast? 

Early and often

It’s no secret that early coordination is key to effective risk mitigation. ENR’s October 16, 2017 issue contains a Law & Risk Mitigation piece with this exact title. But reading an article or conducting a survey does not create a culture of early and often.

At 8020 Builders, we believe that 80 percent of the value of a project is determined in the first 20 percent of the process. This is our culture. Early and often is embedded in our very name. This is what. we. do. This idea is at our very core. 

Operationally, we have put systems in place that enable us to collaborate with our Owners, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Subcontractors, and Suppliers from the word “go.”

We provide 24/7/365 access to all project information by all parties. From project documents (scope & quality) to project timelines (schedule) to real-time estimates (budget) – we employ both people and processes that encourage and facilitate collaboration as well as systems and technologies that make this effort easy and accessible.

Much of the power and flexibility of our office and resources resides in the cloud. We are anywhere and everywhere. This is one of the ways 8020 Builders minimizes risk to each project and maximizes value to our clients.

Recently, leveraging these technologies and processes together enabled us to overlap the design and the construction of two adjacent industrial projects in the southeast Denver metro area. This saved over two months on each asset delivery, hundreds of thousands of dollars on each asset’s construction budget, and minimized risk through a transparent collaboration of all parties involved. We’re proud of this and we believe our clients are proud of it, too.

Lexi Steele