Resilience, Focus and Leadership

The culture at 8020 Builders is built on capitalizing on people’s unique talents, strengths, experiences, and styles.

Early in 2016 Brendan Adams joined the team as Vice President of Operations and his contributions to the systems and processes we use today have grown our professionalism and our capabilities immensely. Recently we sat down and talked with Brendan to understand how his unique style and experiences have allowed him to bring this contribution to the company.

Brendan is an athlete at heart. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon three times as well as the NYC Marathon. He also holds the fastest time record in the Transcendence Ultra-Running Series which consists of individual races of 50K, 50-miles (two of them), 110K and, finally, 102 miles, all in one summer! Most recently he qualified for and plans to run the world famous Ultra Trail Mount Blanc, a 100K trail race that circumnavigates Mt Blanc, gains and loses 20,000 feet of elevation, and travels through three countries-Switzerland, France, and Italy. And he’d like to do it in 20 hours.

This athletic drive is clearly a strength. And something he loves to do.  

Brendan started running back in high school when he joined the cross-country team to get in shape for soccer. Unlike most of his teammates, he didn't quit immediately and actually wound up enjoying it tremendously, eventually gaining his varsity letter and creating an ember for running.

Decades later the embers ignited into an inferno.

In 2011 he qualified for his first Boston Marathon but he ended up injuring himself and couldn’t run the race as planned in 2013- the year of the bombing at the finish line that took the nation by surprise. That same year he was unable to run the New York City Marathon because of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. Missing the opportunity to run two epic races is hugely disappointing for any athlete; and it was for Brendan as well.

However, Brendan is resilient. He took time to mourn the lost opportunities and eventually found some silver linings. These qualities, and more dedicated planning and strategic training got him to the start line of the 2014 Boston Marathon. The city’s 118th running of the race; one year post terrorist attack.

26.2 miles, running through the streets of a city that was helping to heal a nation. 

The city was so energized - it was an unforgettable and amazing experience.

The same qualities that fuel Brendan’s running: resilience, focus, dedication, ability to suffer, are the same ones that have helped him grow 8020 Builders into the professional, capable organization it is today.

Steve describes Brendan as an intelligent runner, “the guy plans his long training runs down to how many calories he will take at each aid station in a race.” He adds,

I’m excited that Brendan is leading 8020 Builders’ initiatives with this same humble, strategic, data-driven approach.
— Steve Rogers

This past weekend Brendan finished the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in 17 hours and 19 minutes. Ahead of his goal. You can find him this week travelling around Switzerland with his wife. Recovering and rejuvenating!

What qualities support your leadership style?

Lexi Steele