Dispelling The Myth That Design Build Is More Expensive Than Hard Bid Procurement

The 8020 Method: build relationships early by engaging in the details. 

Something common we encounter in our business development relationships is that oftentimes there are so many options out there that business owners and decision makers can sometimes get distracted and miss critical windows of opportunities that end up delaying their projects or increasing the cost of certain elements of their projects. 

Brokers, real estate developers, and business developers find themselves worried about blowing up a deal by putting too much pressure on a client to make a decision. Oftentimes, they are afraid that a client will think they aren't getting the best their money can buy.

A good commercial general contractor who engages in Design-Build work procurement early in the process can not only put a client at ease, but can also shoulder much of the responsibility of delivering expectations.

We find that engaging in the details of a project before it goes out for proposal allows us to work through many issues before they become problems. We can narrow down the best solutions by using our client's guiding principles around time, usability and finances.  

Focusing on what is important to you in the following areas helps us negotiate a contract that places the responsibility squarely on our shoulders allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you. 

Knowing your project is in the right hands-with experts you know and trust understand your interests and desired outcomes allows you to relax a little and have some fun as you watch your project come to life.

building is fun!

Diving into the details early in the process allows us to shoulder the responsibility of meeting your expectations.


in terms of the needs you require for your space to perform, what the market supports, and what labor costs. It seems simple.  One thing that is different about us is our experience in development. We get behind you right away to ensure that your needs are the guiding principles in every move we make as your project comes to life.


We want to understand what the ideal timing of your project looks like so we can engage with the proper experts to make ensure we bring the proper expertise to get your project moving OR we help you understand where making shifts in your plans can accommodate that need without taking value away from your asset. Allocating our resources early gets us set up to perform according to the expectations we set up.  

Relationship Building

Oftentimes people and companies decide to engage with several contractors to compare them next to one another to see where they are getting the best price point. The majority of our competition is perfectly competent and your project will get finished.  In our experience,  we find this procurement method doesn't look at value through the same lens as we do.  Sub-contractor relationships are extremely important to us in addition to client relationships. 

Experiencing our culture, seeing it in action before your project breaks ground gives us the opportunity for you to see our relationships in action.

It is so much fun! The variety of minds coming together to spot potential issues, solve problems, and to see a project come to life is nothing short of invigorating! Price comparing is pretty dang boring! Exerting power over people is a strategy we hope to never have to use. We thrive when challenges present and we love seeing our clients through this process. We hope to make it cool, fun, and engaging for you. 

People who dive in when a project is first visioned and present challenging budgets or timeframes see we are skilled at navigating creative tension and conflict, and that we solve issues with a sense of urgency. 

When we all become vulnerable and put trust on the table you can expect us to engage with a deep respect for that trust. You can count on us to navigate conflict with dignity and a real care for how the outcomes serve you and effect you. We work transparently up front and create opportunities to build at the speed of trust.

Trust puts us in a unique position to build faster and with greater efficiency and safety. We deliver your asset through the art of building meaningful relationships. 

Our commitment to this approach, not only with our clients but also with craftsmen, and 8020 team members, sets us apart in this industry. We build more efficiently and effectively. Every. Single. Time.

Not that we can ever cut steps out, but you can rest assured that the trust you place in us from the very first engagement will be used to build great things together and will never be used to achieve a result that is better for us than it is for you.

Let's build great things together!

Lexi Steele