8020 Builders: A General Contractor Building Denver's Assets with Investors and Developers


Building is what I love doing. Beginning with an internship in college I deliberately pursued a career in the industry and have never questioned the choice. The past 25 years afforded me experience on just about every type of construction. My skill set and accomplishments in the industry have helped me develop my reputation as an expert and  leader in our industry today. My path took me to integrated models of delivery and gave me valuable knowledge about the design and development side of the industry as well. I will always be driven by the prospect of creating great spaces through creativity and integrity while maintaining a growth mind set within a team environment. In 2014, I brought this unique set of skills along with an intense desire to build a culture to the new venture of 8020 Builders.

We are creating a company focused on excellence in construction, a holistic approach to the entire life cycle of a project, and a company culture unrivaled in our industry. We look forward to the challenges new projects bring with confidence that the team we have can meet them successfully.
— Steve Rogers

Joe, Jerry, and Caleb are our field experts. They are out there orchestrating and building project teams with all of the craftsmen who work to deliver your project. ProCore allows us to better communicate field details with our team and our clients. 

Ger, Laura and Cincy are working the details of your project from start to finish.  Our goal is to establish trust through communication. We do this multiple ways. One cool thing we dig is our real time reporting of all of the important information about the progress of your projects, including cost projections in real time.

Brendan is a dedicated and tireless communicator of strategic initiatives. Translating strategy into accomplishable objectives; empowering individuals to create positive change is totally his gig.  As the VP of Operations and General Manager he manages the development, operations, and financial aspects of the organization's services.

We're in this together.

We bring our experience, knowledge, and creativity together to deliver on our promises. Not only to our client’s, but to our sub-contractor partners, and the team at 8020 Builders.

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