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Edgewater Public Market: Our current adaptive reuse project with Littleton Capital Partners


You may know us as a new contractor in town and may think "new" means we don't have enough experience. What you might not know is that we've been working together for a long time. Our team has built many projects together in the Denver market. Below is just an example of what our team is capable of.  

Strong processes and strong relationships build successful projects.

Notable Previous Experience

We are cut from our experience with The Neenan Company, Saunders Construction, Opus, DPR, and others. These organizations contributed to more than our personal growth: they grew our industry experience, exposed us to diverse product types, trusted us to lead projects early in our careers, and taught us the value of strong processes and strong relationships. Individuals from these organizations continue to support, encourage, and advise us today as we take our place as the next generation of leadership in the industry.


Currently, we are focused on $15-$30 million dollar ground up or adaptive reuse projects. Tenant finishes of $500,000 or greater are also a strong focus for us. Especially when we are able to support bigger project relationships in the current market.



In just four years we've grown from $1 million in revenue in our first year to $20 million in our fourth year - accomplishing this growth through word-of-mouth industry relationships and negotiated contracts.  Working this way best leverages the benefits of the 8020 Method to ensure our clients get not only the best value in the market, but have the opportunity to interact in a healthy and vigorous environment of mutual cooperation, respect, and reciprocity. 

8020 Builders is built on a foundation of experience, strong teams, industry tools and practices, and an innovative culture so that we can consistently grow and maintain our focus on execution and employee satisfaction.

Letting go of a hopeless ritual

The old model of commodity-based hard-bid procurement, was never designed for creative, innovative projects or with people's health and well-being in mind. Commodity based procurement can be effective in certain situations; however, it is always steeped in unhealthy assumptions that underscore control and a lack of trust in people. 

Real estate development at its core is uncertain. It is erratic, volatile, and unpredictable. People involved often feel lost and as though they have little control over what is happening. What do people do when they feel out of control? We hold onto familiar things-what worked in the past, or so it seemed. Hard-bid procurement allures us with its illusion of control, the illusion that we are tangibly taking action to ensure order, accountability, desired outcomes, and improvement in an unpredictable world.

Hard-bid mentality, whether from an owner or a general contractor, contains the unspoken ingredients of control and mistrust that set the stage for skilled labor shortages, lack of accountability, delayed schedules, and change orders. 

What to do instead?

Engage early with one contractor

Most of the projects we engage on have a 6-9 month due diligence and pre-construction process. Our ideal clients engage with us early to help them win projects or breathe life into investments. The real value of our experience, our relationships, and the leverage of the 8020 Method comes to life with this early engagement. A recent example with a commercial real estate developer: the 8020 Method found $250,000 in savings without losing any of the required value for the success of the investment. Our early involvement and development experience not only helped bring the project to life, but it also ensured order, accountability, desired outcomes, and stability.


Operate with an underlying faith that people want to do well, they care about your success, and are committed to managing themselves and business.  You might discover that the best outcome possible also leaves you feeling good inside and connected to a deeper meaning and purpose at work.

Value transparency

Transparency is the secret to getting a project off the ground and achieving the metrics that define its success. We use ProCore as our project management system. It provides sophisticated job costing, and transparency is made possible for owners, architects, and team members through collaborative work spaces, mobile technologies, and real time data sharing. See what ProCore can do for you.

I appreciate that I can count on 8020 during any phase of a project. Whether it’s during preconstruction, construction or the warranty phase, I know 8020 has my back.
— Matt Martin, Confluent Development
You really walk-the-walk of being aligned with your client’s interests, especially about budget and timing.
— Lisa Ruskaup, Habit Carbon



If this way of doing business and our ideas resonate with you, we should talk. Steve currently has capacity to support a $15-$30 million dollar project that is ready for due diligence and design support. Ideally, ground break target will be spring/early summer 2019. Tenant finishes ranging from $500,000 and up are also our strength-especially when they support our larger project clients.