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Our approach

In the act of high-quality execution, planning is everything.  Your expectation when you hire a contractor is quite simply that, quality execution.  For your schedule, your budget, your expectations of quality, all that matters is that the contractor you hire executes on your goals.  In our experience success as defined by meeting these goals is only achieved through proper planning.  At 8020 Builders the focus on planning is literally rooted in our name.

Why 8020? 

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the value in a project is determined within the first 20% of the process.  At 8020 Builders we believe this is at the very crux of how we execute.  We focus on this first 20% heavily and involve the right expertise at the right time to best serve the project.  Certainty of outcome is what results.  How would it feel to know, at the beginning, that you could count on the results you need to achieve success on your project?  Call us and find out.

Where is 8020 Builders under construction?

We're always expanding our construction portfolio and we're passionate about our work from start to finish. Get a glimpse into the 8020 process by viewing our current projects below.

Leadership: Steve Rogers

The foundation of 8020 Builders is our significant experience with integrated design build and development project delivery. Creative. Resourced. Connected to the Building Industry. 8020 means zero waste.

Steve began his career while still in college as an intern for a general contractor.  His first 7 years were spent in the field doing everything from survey and layout through site supervision and management on multiple product types.  This in-depth field experience serves him in his daily tasks to this day.

The years since have been spent primarily in an integrated design, build and development delivery model.  This experience has yielded a holistic perspective to the construction process and one that is uniquely focused on the goals of an owner.  Whatever the challenge, Steve has the ability to understand it from the perspective of the end user and bring the proper expertise to bear accordingly. 

After nearly 25 years in the business Steve still immensely enjoys diving into the details that make a project come together.  Elegance in execution is always his goal.


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Driven by us having the resources we do. Brings and encouraging subcontractor input early on in the process. Because the subcontractors are on the leading edge of building technology-they are the ones using it and knowing the products.


Relationships with subcontractors. Relationships with architects.

Creative. Collaborative. Problem Solving.

The design build model is extremely important to what we do (in comparison to a non integrated model-a non integrated model has an architect designing and a general contractor building. They aren’t integrated and therefore many issues come about and more costs are incurred. So what started out as a reasonably priced project quickly can become more that owners understand. With a design build model we are responsible for the design and the build and deliver a project without change orders.

Case Studies: Steve's Background and Experience

Steve Rogers has extensive experience in the construction industry. He brings his knowledge and passion for the design build model to the table on all of his projects. See some of the projects Steve has worked on below.

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