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If awarded this project, we have the unique ability to synchronize the core and shell completion with the needs of the tenant improvement in a way that will save EdgeConnex money and time. 


The following cost savings measures are embedded into our price to complete this work:

  • Delay the installation of the roofing system to prevent the need to remove and replace 16,500 square feet of newly finished roofing material, reduce the likelihood of damaging the roof with welding activities at the roof screen, and providing a single original-installation roof warranty.
  • Delay the installation of the loading dock concrete and asphalt to prevent the need to remove and replace over 15,000 square feet of concrete and asphalt.
  • Eliminate the installation of core and shell gas piping and unit heaters to prevent the need to demolish and remove them.
  • Eliminate the installation of EFSR sprinkler systems to prevent the need to demolish and remove them.
  • Delay the installation of the concrete pourback strips inside the building to eliminate the need to remove and replace over 1000 square feet of slab on grade.
  • Overlap the General Conditions of the core and shell with those of the TI, saving EdgeConnex the cost of mobilizing and maintaining a construction office and other on-site facilities including toilets, dumpsters, concrete washouts, signage, hazardous material containment, and other required temporary facilities.
  • Begin construction prior to the first allowable early access date in the lease due to our current presence on site, increasing EdgeConnex’ likelihood of completing the TI prior to lease payments commencing.
  • Leverage area, project, AHJ, and building knowledge to benefit the turnover of the EdgeConnex TI.
  • Delay the manufacture of the custom steel stairs on the exterior of the building to prevent them from having to be either removed and replaced or retrofitted to accommodate the change in man door openings due to the TI raised floor.
  • Delay the installation of the site curb and gutter, sidewalk, and paving to accommodate the installation of the outside plant trenching to avoid the demolition, removal, and replacement of tens of thousands of square feet of asphalt and a significant amount of curb, gutter, and sidewalk.
  • Provide EdgeConnex and BCEI with a consistent project team and project management platform from beginning to end.
  • Eliminate the need to renegotiate the terms of the lease agreement with Confluent with respect to early access and it’s potential impact to the delivery of the core and shell.
  • Eliminate the need to revise the project drawings to redefine the scope of core and shell vs TI for the purpose of obtaining a separate core and shell signoff (as the delivery of the TI would take precedent).

We are proud of the efficiencies we’ve come to understand and hope that EdgeConnex values our collaboration in an effort to ultimately save time and money. The success of your organization is important to us and we want to see you operational as soon as possible. Our costs to perform the limited General Contracting efforts on this project under an assumed lump sum agreement is: 


If the project is awarded to 8020 Builders, the core and shell delivery date requirement in the lease agreement would need to be waived/superceded by an agreed upon TI Certificate of Occupancy date as the commencement of the TI activities will make completing the core and shell (as designed) impossible.

We anticipate a 100 day buildout, beginning once procurement and delivery activities are complete. We understand there will be 6-8 weeks or more needed to procure, order, manufacture, and deliver the majority of the building components that fall under the GC’s scope of work, particularly the structural steel. Therefore, if the project is awarded by February 12th, we anticipate an early start of April 2nd for most GC-related items. If awarded the project, we could begin demo activities and provide access to EdgeConnex’ electrical, mechanical, and fire protection contractors for work in the yard, on the roof, and underground rough-ins as early as February 12th, despite the agreed upon date of March 8th. This should provide EdgeConnex with a “head start” on MEP/FP activities under BCEI’s supervision.


Each week the award is delayed past February 12th, we lose our ability to save EdgeConnex money by overlapping our general conditions with the Highfield projects. This results in an additional $10,845/week of general conditions costs.

If project award does not occur by February 26th, we jeopardize our ability to deliver on our obligations to our friends at Confluent Development and must proceed with the core and shell construction items listed above, losing the ability to save EdgeConnex the associated costs.  



Scope assumptions and clarifications

  • Includes a $5000 allowance for furnishing and installing an unspecified davit crane, including structural support requirements.
  • Includes rough carpentry to provide temporary wooden ramps from the raised floor area into the vacant shell space.
  • Does not includes costs to modify the exterior structural stairs or man door openings on the west elevation to accommodate the access floor height change (awaiting further clarification).
  • No AF02 perforated tiles included as none shown and aisle layout still unknown.
  • Could save an additional $30,000 if willing to consider an “or equal” raised flooring product.
  • Proposed roof hatch and structure-mounted unit heater in conflict with one another.
  • All door hardware provided by BCEI and installed by 8020.


You have already experienced our team in action during the construction of the building. Change Orders? Not from us. One of the unique things about our team is that the average relationship spans ten years of work history together and friendship. This makes a difference. We are invested in each other's success because we care about one another. This unique advantage makes our business success unstoppable.