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Construction in an existing structure is a little like a multi-pitch challenge. You want a partner that can read the route with you. Time invested on the ground saves energy on the route and helps eliminate mistakes. No swapping hands and feet excessively, clipping in the wrong places, or missing holds and rests. Skilled climbers who can read the route climb more fluidly, efficiently, and safely.

Projects, especially ones in existing structures, require a team who is skilled at reading the route. We would like to be the team that explores innovative solutions with you to the challenges this project presents. 

Attached in the link below is our first pass at your budget. This is not where we believe the final number will be. Given the nature of this project it is difficult to obtain significant subcontractor input on pricing with the state of the current market in Denver. As such, the attached proposal should be considered a budget number only in this stage of the process. We know from experience on similar projects that we can engage with you and your design team along with the right subcontractor partners to find opportunities to optimize this budget as necessary. There are value engineering ideas that we haven't had the opportunity to vet with you and our loyal subcontractor partners so they are not identified in the attached form. We think putting this project together will be a total kick in the pants! 

The 8020 team’s attentiveness to the client’s needs, flexibility, and focus on the highest quality finish product was commendable. Most importantly, their open-book policy of honesty and transparency was refreshing and respectable.
— David Murabito: Kohler Signature Store


Time invested on the ground is energy saved on the route. Not unlike the pre-planning required for a skilled climber we focus our efforts on understanding the challenges ahead of us and bringing in the right expertise to plan appropriately. 

The goal: drive towards completion by maintaining the schedule and adhering to a budget. Investments aren't returning until space is filled and bringing in revenue. Our experience in development means we get it.

Maintaining a schedule in the complex environment of construction is important for a second reason that isn't as transparent:  safety of the craftsmen on the job.

When a job is predictable people take fewer risks. Jobs get finished faster, with greater quality, and a higher level of safety. Many construction companies pride themselves on the fact that they can solve problems on the fly; however, this is actually a high risk strategy that puts the schedule and lives on the line in our industry.

We strive to identify challenges and opportunities before they arrive to maintain predictability. You see the job progressing and we see risk being minimized. 

You guys have very innovative ideas and were very helpful in presenting choices that didn’t extend our timeline. Quality of the products and installation were fantastic and you all were top notch and easy to work with.
— Tom Jacobson: Custom Truck and Equipment


setting a realistic budget

Remodel projects are notorious for being difficult to maintain a budget.  By their very nature they uncover unknown conditions that rarely exceed expectations.  We have experienced this challenge on the projects we have done and understand that success for you is predicated on spending only what you’ve planned.  We meet this challenge primarily through smart planning.  Our model focuses on the first 20% and the leverage that exists at the front end of the project.  We can’t promise yet where our final number will end up, no one can.  We will promise to spend as much time as needed to plan the work before we rush to start construction.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes a project runs quickly and more smoothly if we wait to start.  Making decisions on the fly is rarely the best way as there are inevitably fewer options at that point.  Quicker and smoother means more predictable and better adherence to a budget.  By taking the right amount of time with the right expertise up front we will develop a realistic budget for the project.

structural modifications

Understandably the drawings currently anticipate significant modifications to the structure and utilize standard details throughout.  One of the first opportunities we see here is to plan a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the entire structure with the engineer and the selected subcontractor to assess every condition we’ll encounter.  We believe there will be locations where steps can be eliminated or at least streamlined.  We also know that subcontractors, in preparing a bid for this work, will have assumed worst case for this work and working with the most qualified group to tighten up those assumptions will likely yield savings.

exterior unforseen conditions

The downtown area, especially North of Downtown where we are, has seen significant development and redevelopment over the years.  As such there are always risks that we’ll find something we didn’t expect when we open up the subgrade for the new plaza work.  The geotechnical report does not show signs of coal-based fill or previous foundations but we know their borings represent just a small sampling of the overall site.  Clearly this risk is largely mitigated by the fact that the building is staying as-is but we all need to be cognizant of the possibility of surprises even in the concrete work at grade.  Our planning steps discussed above will certainly help here as well and this particular risk is worth identifying separately now, in our opinion.

strategic culture 

Most contractors will talk about their team approach; we’re clearly no different in this way.  However, there are two things that make us different.

One is our size.  We are a small group that meets weekly as an entire team and, as such, brings the expertise of the entire group to bear on every project.  We have chosen to focus our efforts on only certain types of clients, namely founders and investors who share this trait due to their size and solitary focus on their specific business model.  Movement clearly fits this mold and we know our small-company focus and approach provides the expertise and team feel that you will enjoy.  You will engage regularly with everyone from the president to the administrative staff which means we will all understand your conditions for success for this project.

The second is our unique focus on building culture. Our organization has an executive member dedicated to this. Bringing the team together to harness the power, intelligence, and energy of many different brains requires deliberate training and understanding of human nature.  Her background studying empathy, emotions, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, and human evolution help us create a work environment where people are connected to their own means of power. 


the 8020 team

Experienced. Talented. Empowered.  

These words come alive in a way that is meaningful to you and your project when they are embedded in an organization's culture. People are empowered to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason when they are a part of an organization where their own means of power is welcomed, encouraged, and their strengths are leveraged by leadership in ways that support the individual. This focus on culture combined with our experience and talent deliver you a powerful team driven by personal strength and motivation who are aligned by a common goal: BE OUR BEST.  We don't simply build quality projects, we build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.


steve rogers 

Steve's style and unique approach has earned him many long standing relationships in this industry. Steve has led teams to build a wide range of projects including: the Budweiser Event Center, Denver Public Library, The Pinnacle at City Park, 1400 Wewatta, and Trizetto Headquarters to name a few. Denver is home. His leadership, expertise and focus on building culture is the foundation that 8020 Builders is built upon. 



caleb german

Caleb knows how to orchestrate field work. His experience has given him the understanding of how all of the pieces and parts come together. He initiates meetings with key sub-contractors before engagement in the field commences to align the team around a common definition of success on the project. This is his initiative and his leadership style in action. We clear barriers for him and give him what he needs to execute with craftsmen on site. 



brendan adams 

Brendan's leadership has been critical in the development and implementation of systems and processes that are required to execute work safely and efficiently. He strives to identify issues before they become problems and to find solutions that are reasonable, distinctive, and affordable. 8020 has been strategic in the work we have chosen to perform over the last two and half years, not only to give us time to put systems and processes in place, but to create a culture of support within the organization. Brendan has pioneered how we communicate in real-time with clients while focusing on the team building efforts that make 8020 Builders a force to reckoned with. 

tami mantia

Tami's passion for real estate and love of beautiful, functional spaces is seen everyday in her attention to detail. Her ability to focus throughout a project on the things that bring the most value to spaces is to be admired. She has this passion for building and an approach that is tenacious, bright, and energetic. The energy this girl brings to the team is contagious. She chooses to focus her energy on and thrives in existing structure remodels and tenant finishes


I just want to let you know how great it is to work with you guys. I wish every project had this type of communication.
— Megan Soto-Founding Principal: Spatial

8020 In Action




Interior finish in an older remodeled building in Cherry Creek.

Team Members: Caleb, Tami, and Brendan

Key Challenge: Installation of new infrastructure through and around existing tenant base.


Remodel of an existing 50,000 sf industrial building in Commerce City.

Team Members: Tami and Steve

Key Challenge: Development and maintenance of a budget. With ownership we designed against a series of allowances to meet their intended outcome and stay on budget. We adjusted and modified the approach as existing conditions warranted to maintain the overall budget and gain predictability in the field.

Turtle Boat Colorado Poki Salads

Abatement and remodel of an existing pizza restaurant. 

Team Member: Steve

Key Challenge: Communicating a realistic budget as unforeseen conditions were uncovered throughout the process. It required creativity of the key team players throughout to provide options to the ownership as the project unfolded.

Lariat Lodge

Remodel of a 100 year old structure into a new 3 barrel brewpub and commercial kitchen in Evergreen, Colorado.

Team Members: Steve and Tami

Key Challenge: Modification of the foundation system under an existing structure to accommodate a new commercial loading while maintaining a budget that was developed early in the planning process.


If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal please reach out. We are here to help.

Brendan Adams: 303-810-1440

Steve Rogers: 720-318-1612